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Ashlee Simpson-I Am Me

Album: I Am Me
Artist: Ashlee Simpson
#Tracks: 11
#Icons: 12
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[1]Image hosting by Photobucket[2]Image hosting by Photobucket[3]Image hosting by Photobucket[4a]Image hosting by Photobucket
[4b]Image hosting by Photobucket[5]Image hosting by Photobucket[6]Image hosting by Photobucket[7]Image hosting by Photobucket
[8]Image hosting by Photobucket[9]Image hosting by Photobucket[10]Image hosting by Photobucket[11]Image hosting by Photobucket

1. Boyfriend-textures by unmaskedicons and arisubox
2. In Another Life-border by amethystia, texture by colorfilter
3. Beautifully Broken-flower brush by victoriaely, brush by omgkthx
4. L.O.V.E.-flower brush by _dreamland, texture by hakanaidreams
5. Coming Back for More-brushes by omgkthx
6. Dancing Alone-border by _dreamland, brush by risha666
7. Burnin Up-textures by arisubox
8. Catch Me When I Fall-textures by arisubox
9. I Am Me-brush by trash_graphics, texture by me
10. Eyes Wide Open-texture by me (yes i am very proud of it thank you.) :)
11. Say Goodbye-brush by amethystia, texture by unmaskedicons

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