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Challenge Met!

album: Hoodoo
artist: Alison Moyet
#tracks: 11
#icons: 11
credit: All Images are from photographs my friends and I have taken. Please do not use those that are noted as they contain my friends' faces.



01: "Footsteps" My feet, this fall.
02: DO NOT USE! "It Won't Be Long" Mr. B and Miss J.
03: "This House" What the people who bought our family farm did to the place.
04: DO NOT USE! "Rise" Miss K, slaving to feed me.
05: "Wishing You Were Here" Me, being wistfull.
06: "Hoodoo" Shopwindow, Hudson, NY 2004.
07: "(Meeting With My) Main Man" My father and I C. 1980.
08: "Back Where I Belong" Me, Great Neck, NY 2003
09: "Angel, Angel Hold Your Head Up High" "My Right A. R. M." Church Window, Maine.
10: DO NOT USE! "Grey As The Cold December" "Never Too Late" Mr. B, at the beach in the cold.
11: DO NOT USE! "Find Me" Miss K, posing.

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