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ost_challenge's Journal

Soundtrack Icon Challenge
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
W  E  L  C  O  M  E  !  

o v e r v i e w
welcome to ost challenge! This is a challenge community in which you claim a music album (soundtrack/cd) and make an icon for each song title.

date created: 11/21/05
current claims: 02
completed claims: 101

D  I  R  E  C  T  I  O  N  S  

s t e p s

Step 1 >> Join the community
Step 2 >> Read the community rules & FAQ
Step 3 >> Make your claim here
Step 4 >> Make your icons
Step 5 >> Post your icons to the moderation qeue
Step 6 >> Repeat steps 3-6 ♥

C  L  A  I  M  S  

r e q u e s t

Request a claim here with the form below:
album: (what's the name of the CD?)
tracks: (how many song tracks?)
artist: (name the band/solo artist)
proof: (credible source link listing all tracks included in the album)
username: (what username needs posting access?)

note! untitled or hidden tracks (songs without titles in general) do not attribute to track number (since the main point of the community is to use the song titles as your text)!

When your claim is approved you recieve posting access. However, you may only post your icons when your claim is completed! Premature attempts to post will be rejected. You'll be expected to use the following form when posting your icons:

album: (what's the name of the CD?)
artist: (name the band/solo artist)
#tracks: (how many song tracks?)
#icons: (this lets you mention variations, etc.)
credit: (credit your resources; includes tutorials)
(three teaser icons max.)

We strongly recommend using footnotes inside your lj-cut to numerically list your song titles to your icons (especially when you're using tiny text!). Footnotes are also good for linking certain credits to specific icons, language translations, download links, and more.

d r o p p i n g o u t

To formally drop your claim, go here.

You'll be expected to use this form:
subject: (what was your claim?)
username: (what username did you claim under?)
explain: (any reasons why you're dropping your claim) optional

Dropping a claim puts you on our waiting list. Not formally dropping your claim by its deadline earns you a ban, so please be responsible with your claim.

N  A  V  I  G  A  T  I  O  N  

s i t e m a p

claim list
completed claims
waiting list

M  I  S  C  

t o p f i v e

publicxenemy (4)
eternalphoenix_ (4)
star_flare (4)
kunoichi_jaden (4)
fa_hab_u_lous (4)

c r e d i t

m o d s
mizugazipan >> AIM: aisuCircuit
gooziewoozie >> AIM: tehGooZer
pandaris >> AIM: glitteratipanda

a f f i l i a t e s







l a y o u t
______winzilla for the userinfo table code
ag_layouts for the layout code
bombayicons for header brushes
inxsominax for header brushes
daFont dotcom for header dingbat

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